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Tips on How to Anchor and the Correct Anchor for your Boat


Tips for correct amount of Chain when anchoring



Head to where you want to anchor, the location will differ based on your needs. Determine the water depth and the nature of the bottom and calculate the amount of rode you will need to release. It is a good idea to have marks placed on the chain at 20 feet intervals, this will help to know how much chain to release

If over Nighting or in windy situations It is recommended that 5 to 7 times as much line Plus the depth of the water plus the distance from the anchor to water be used. Point your boat heading into the wind or current.  Put your engine in idle and bring the Boat to a stop roughly where you want to anchor


Once your boat is stopped, release the anchor slowly into the water so the chain is payed out backwards as you reverse, ensuring that the chain does not pile up on top of the anchor


Remember to keep tension on the anchor chain. This will keep your boat pointed toward the anchor, and help to bite the anchor into the lake bottom. When the correct amount of chain or rode is put out check the line for tension, and if the anchor is dragging. If it is Dragging it will have a jerky, slack, then tight feeling. If this happens start over again.


Once it’s set, Take note of landmarks as a reference, or set your Anchor alarm, possibly both is wise


Once you’re ready to leave, the anchor should be easy to pull up if it’s been set correctly. Move forward slowly, taking in the chain, Lift the anchor as vertically as possible so it won’t damage your boat. Wash off mud before bringing it aboard,

Know Your Anchor Types

Anchors come in all shapes and sizes. When deciding which one to purchase, consider the weight of your boat, the average depth of your lake or river, typical wind strength and the bottom condition of the water you will most often boat on. Once you determine what anchor would work best for you, remember to size it to your boat. If you are in any doubt ask in store we are always willing to advise.

The Claw or Bruce Anchor

Bruce Anchor for gravel or muddy Bottoms

  • Allows for 360 degree turns without releasing from the bottom
  • Typically does not break out with wind and tide changes and resets easily
  • Easily aligns with the force of the wind
  • Dependable setter
  • Works well with low scope of rodes
  • Boat recommendations: up to 30 feet long Boats
  • Bottom conditions: sand and rock

The Danforth Anchor

Danfort Anchor

  • Lightweight, and is easy to set
  • The two long “flukes” dig into the bottom and bury themselves
  • Designed to reset rather than turn
  • Large resistance due to flukes digging in
  • Very easy to retrieve and store
  • High holding power to the weight
  • Boat recommendations: most Motor boats
  • Bottom types: sand, clay and mud

The Plow Anchor

Plough Anchor

  • Anchor has two flukes, but relies on its weight to hold
  • Digs right in and holds firmly
  • Sets fast and has good resistance to wind movement
  • Ideal for use with a remote windlass
  • Boat recommendations: best suited for larger Cruisers
  • Bottom types: designed to hold in a wide-variety of bottom conditions




The best boat changlery

Low Water Levels on the Upper Shannon

Boaters on the Shannon have been advised to be very careful of lower water levels and Changeable weather conditions

after an unusually high number of rescues this summer – 10 people were taken from Lough Ree at the weekend,

after they got into difficulties with Groundings etc.

Lough Ree RNLI based at Coosan Point was called out to assist five people on board two private vessels

which had run aground east of Inchenagh Island at the northern end of the lough.


Conditions on the lake at the time were quite windy with a force 4 wind, very heavy rain showers and choppy waters,

made for poor visibility. When the lifeboat crew arrived on scene, a boat was still aground, while the second vessel,

A barge with one person on board, had freed itself and did not require assistance. 

The other boat had two adults and two children on board, and after assessing that all on board were uninjured and their boat wasnt taking in water,

the lifeboat crew then towed the vessel into deeper water, where they were able to travel on to nearby Portrunny.

RNLI inland rescue service help a Grounded Boat



Lake Side Chandlery Blog and news from the Mid Shannon/Lough Ree

News from our Sister Company Lake Side  Marina, Glasson, Athlone 

  • New mooring facilities for boats of any size
  • Full marnia back-up including lift out facilities up to 50 tones
  • Full workshop facilities
  • Own marine engineers on site
  • Indoor storage for up to 50 boats
  • Full chandlery on site
  • Own Marina Clubhouse
  • We have a top the range security system with 16 on-site cameras, owners living on-site and has never had any security issues i.e. break-ins, vandalizing or stealing.

Lakeside Marina is the only one stop shop in the marine industry in Ireland. It is family owned and family ran.

We pride ourselves on being one of the best marinas on the River Shannon. We hope you enjoy our website and please feel free to call us with any inquiries you may have.

  • Boat Sales`

For inquiries boat sales inquiries

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Aerial Shot of Lake Side Marina

Glasson, Athlone, Co. Westmeath.

Lakeside from the air





International Marine Paints 


Toplac quality paint


International Toplac and Cruiser UNO anti fouling paint, supplied in various colours for all Boat interior and exteriors, above and below the waterline, quick drying and easy to clean after use.

• premium quality • long lasting Hardwearing
• very easy to apply, giving deep, lustrous, professional finish
• low pigment fading • extended gloss and colour retention
• comes in various sizes, 750mls, 2.5 litres etc
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Come to Lakeside Day Boat Hire and enjoy a half or full day

exploring the natural beauty and wildlife on the

Magical River Shannon & Lough Ree

 Lake side day boat Hire offer 3 sizes of craft for fishing or just messing about on the water

You don’t need any experience or a license to hire out our boats.

Full  tuition will be provided when you arrive our guides can provide you advice on where to go and what to see.

Included in the boat hire are: Buoyancy Aids | Navigation Charts | Tuition | Fuel | 


5 Star rating & Review from a recent Hirer of our Day Boats


We hired the wanderer for an afternoon in May for a family 'adventure'.


Staff are so friendly and helpful at booking and showing the ropes.


It was a fantastic experience, had a picnic on the boat and explored the lake.


We all had a brilliant afternoon and I highly recommend it. Great fun. (2 adults 3yr and 6yr old)


Review by Sarah Murphy 23rd May 2018



Nautical phrases that We use in everyday language

Under the Weather .... this term comes from when it is rough at sea People would go to the lowest

point in a ship or Boat to avoid the choppy motion, ie under the weather


A square meal these days means a meal that’s satisfactory & substantial. The terms comes

from the square platters used to serve meals on a ship. 

3 sheets to the wind ...... Derived from sailing ships. The 'sheet' in the phrase which means the rope holding a sail in place,

Hence, a totally inebriated person is out of control and in danger of crashing, just like a ship three sheets to the wind.


Pushing the Boat out ..... The term literally meant helping somebody to push a boat out into the water. 

These days the term means spending a lot of money or celebrating something in a grandious manner.

POSH  means Port Out Starboard Home this refers to the Port side of the ship which was the Sunny side,

and the well heeled would Travel this side of the ship on the Route out of Port to Places like

Africa and Australia in the olden days and then Starboard Home


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